Booking Info for Ri'chard's Café

(Important! <> Please read ALL information below before submitting your scheduling request)

This is not a paying gig and requires a set of "all original" material. However, artists have the opportunity to make tips and are welcome to try to sell CDs and merchandise during their performance. If you live locally, we also ask that you please promote your performance to friends, fans, etc.

Ri'chard's Café offers songwriter/performers an opportunity to showcase their original music with a set that lasts from 45 minutes to an hour. Because of the set length, we receive requests from many artists which results in the musical bar and criteria to be quite high. Before requesting a performance, we must be able to access your music website and listen to your material. It is advisable that you listen to other performers who are already scheduled to make certain that your abilities match or exceed theirs. Many of our performers are recommended by music industry executives.

Important! <> Ri'chard's Café only allows original music - absolutely no cover tunes are permitted. By accepting any booking, you acknowledge that it is up to you, the artist, to obtain any permissions from co-writers or publishers who hold any rights to your songs prior to performing them.

We will perform the following when we review your website:

Based on the Artist's dimensions on the Internet:

  1. We will listen to songs for quality and fit - at least three songs must be posted on your website

  2. We will look to see what other bookings you may have

  3. If you have a Myspace music page, we will look at number of friends, song plays and page visits as indicators of artist's maturity and fan base

  4. We will not read blogs, but may glance at comments from fans

  5. We care about your image, not your physical beauty - web spaces can lie, but we likely will be able to tell if you will fit a family venue

  6. We love touring artists, but most don't bring any local fans . So, if you're from outside of the Nashville area, your recordings and club dates will have to be exceptional

  7. We get many referrals from music business professionals and try to honor those

    Important! <>Ri'chard's Café only allows original music and no tracks or electronic drums. Ri'chard's is a unique, upbeat dining room and music venue; the music volume must be mild to fit the room and the set list should include mostly mid/up-tempo fun tunes to echo the mood. Backing instruments are welcome but excessive equipment set up/take down time can adversely affect the mood.

If you do not receive an immediate reply please do not be discouraged; we receive many requests.

As with any gig it is important to properly promote your performance at Ri'chard's CaféRi'chard's has become a highly sought after performance opportunity by both local and touring artists, so the musical standards are set high.

The stage is yours for your given length of time, and the patrons of Ri'chard's have been known to tip performers that they particularly enjoy. Additionally, it's ok to sell merchandise (CD's, etc.).

There is a full PA with three microphones., a bass amp and a cool vintage guitar amp that you're welcome to use. You may also bring your own small amp if you prefer.

Sundays are oriented toward Jazz, Blues and/or Christian Country.  If you are a Christian artist, please stick with positive material in lieu of praise and worship. While some might enjoy that, you might offend others who don't share your beliefs.

Richard Trest (the owner) will most likely be present so if you haven't met him, go say hi - he's a great guy and will make certain that you have everything you need.

It's strongly recommended, especially on weekends, that your guests make reservations.

* If you must for any reason cancel your performance, please let us know as far in advance as possible - it's very important that you do so!

To schedule, send us an email with links to your myspace music page, facebook, website, or EPK to

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